Tips on keeping your family safe at the Fair

The South Carolina State Fair is going into its second week now, and while there is still so much fun to be had, it's also important to remember to keep you and your family safe.

I spoke with a Richland County Sheriff's Deputy to find out some tips for keeping you and your family safe while you're at the Fair.

"If you come with your family, especially small kids, it's a good idea to always go over a plan before you get here. If your kids get separated, go ahead and tell them 'Hey, look for a police officer who's wearing a uniform'." says Steven Reeves of the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

And as a parent, it is also advised that you take action immediately if you notice your child has wandered off.

"If you find that your child is missing, find a deputy and tell them the name, what they were wearing, and usually pretty quickly the deputies will locate that child." Reeves states.

So get on out there and have the time of your life, but just make sure to do a little planning ahead of time.