Today's Top 5: March 10, 2014

(WACH)- Here are the top stories you need to know Monday.

Malaysian Flight-Officials have not found any sign of a malaysia airlines flight that went missing two days ago.

Interpol tweeted sunday it was examining additional "suspect #passport."

But officials still have found nothing and family members are being told to brace for the worst.

Right now, the focus has shifted to the Andaman Sea

Food Stamps-Governor Nikki Haley will not support an earlier proposal to keep food stamp recipients from buying junk food.

Instead the governor backs an idea requiring people in three counties to show they are working or looking for a job to get the benefits.

Haley's proposal will have to be approved by the federal government.

Meeting of the Minds-Today members of the city of columbia bull street commission will meet.

There's still a push to bring a baseball stadium to the capital city.

You may remember last week Columbia city council members voted to move forward with the bull street project.

The commission meets at least every other month and reports to council at least twice a year.

Property Bill-South Carolina lawmakers are reviewing stronger protections for heirs' property.

The property is generally handed down by African-Americans without a will, since slavery and ends up being owned by dozens of people.

But an heirs' property bill in the state senate would allow judges to consider more than just dollar value.

New Bank Accounts-Bank of America is offering a new checking account to prevent customers from overdrawing funds and getting hit with fees.

The "safe balance" account will stop customers from taking out more than they have in their account at ATM's, while paying bills online or making purchases.

But the service will come at a cost.

Customers will be charged a flat fee of $4.95 a month, or almost $60 a year.

And they will not be able to write paper checks.

But for chronic overdrafters, it may be worth it.