Today's Top 5 things: January 16, 2014

COLUMBIA (WAC)-Here are the Top 5 things you need to know Thursday.

Teen Birth Rates-Today, state officials will reveal new teen birth rates for south carolina. The south carolina campaign to prevent teen pregnancy will also celebrate 20 years of existence. The data from 2012 will be released at a news conference today at ten.

Remebering MLK-The legacy of the reverend martin luther king junior is being remembered this week at the University of South Carolina. Events begin today with a legal symposium tonight at six in the law school auditorium. Keynote speaker is Democratic U.S. Representative James E. Clyburn.

New Buses-Bring on the new buses! South Carolina Schools Superintendent Mick Zais is requesting $34 million for new school buses, again. Zais told lawmakers that more than 60 percent of South Carolina's state-owned buses are over 15 years-old. He also wants lawmakers to close a teacher bonus program to new entries.

Apple pays up-After tens of thousands of complaints, the tech giant will pay at least $32.5 million to customers whose children made app purchases without permission. There were tens of thousands of consumer complaints about the practice. Parents complained that while their kids had to ask them for a password to the app store to buy the power-ups or other add-ons, in many cases they didn't realize they were authorizing purchases.

Super Bowl Security-Nearly 4,000 local police and private security officers, airport-style screening and other visible and invisible measures will be employed during the big game. The two teams heading to the Super Bowl will be decided after the last two games are played this Sunday.