Top Five Things You Need to Know This Friday

COLUMBIA (WACH)â??Here are the Top Five Things You Need to Know this Friday.

Addressing a group of medical journalist, First Lady Michelle Obama advocated for healthier schools. Republicans are making it known that they want to rollback some key provisions to the healthy, hunger-free kids act. According to Mrs. Obama, school nutrition has improved for the first time in 30 years.

The last day of session ended without the Senate approving an ethics reform bill, The bill designed to strengthen South Carolina ethics was met with mixed reviews. Some lawmakers say the bill is too watered down. Others urged for it to be passed so provision could be made next year. GOP Senators Tom Davis argued passing The Bill would allow the Legislature to incorrectly say they accomplished reform.

An election to fill the vacated Senate seat of Lieutenant Governor Yancey McGill will be held November 4. There are two years remaining in McGills Senate Terms. Candidates who want to fill the position can file between July 4 through July 10. McGill was sworn in at Lt. Governor after Glen McConnell resigned.

The Budget and Control Board approves increasing pension contribution rates for public employees and their employer. Among those affected by the increase are those in law enforcement and firefighters. A law was passed in 2012 to increase contributions. The increase wasnâ??t enough to sustain the system. The new increase will take effect July 1, 2015.

The American Red Cross needs your help today. The Famously Hot Blood Drive is taking place today from 7 to 3. The drive will take place at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on Lincoln St. all donors will receive a free t-shirt.