Top Five Things You Need to Know on July 28th

Top 5 Things You Need to Know

COLUMBIA (WACH) â??Here are the Top 5 Things You Need to Know today:

Thomas Elzey says he knew he was facing a challenge when he became president of South Carolina State University a year ago; he just didn't realize how big of a challenge it was. For years there was fighting amongst administration and the board. Elzey says the school never took steps to deal with drops in enrollment and government aid that came with the recession. He says he sees things turning around .

A retired New York Correction Officer is accused of killing a man at the nightclub he owned. The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg reported that 69 year old James Williams has been charged with murder in the death of 26 year old Phillip Brunson. According to reports, Brunson tried to enter the club with a pistol. Brunson shot a glass door, and thatâ??s when Williams returned fire.

New survey this morning shows that Mitt Romney would top President Obama in the popular vote. The CNN survey also indicated that Hillary Clinton would beat Mitt Romney by double digits. The survey suggested Americans see Clinton as a strong and capable leader. Romney has said numerous times that he won't run in 2016.

A firm handshake has long been a mark of good manners and elevated social skills, but according to a new study it is also a very germy way to greet your fellow humans. The greeting that transmits the least bacteria is a fist bump. The study finding handshakes transmitted 10 times more bacteria than fist bumps and 2 times more than high-fives

The McNair Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research has landed a 13,500 sq. foot office and research home. The McNair Center will host an event today to celebrate the opening of the facility. The event will take place at 100 Catawba Street and will begin at 1:30.