Tornado leaves path of destruction in Midlands

An EF2 tornado touched down late Sunday night near the Saluda/Lexington County line.

The twister reached speeds upwards of 125 miles per hour and left a path of destruction six miles long and up to a quarter mile wide. The tornado ended over Lake Murray.

The devastation we've seen so far includes downed trees, overturned boats and houses with roofs torn off. Areas that took the brunt of the damage include the Cedar Grove and Lake Village communities in Western Lexington County.

Officials say a total of 40 houses in the area suffered damage. While there's no confirmation on how many of those are total losses, cost estimates are coming in over $1 million in damage.

The same line of thunderstorms dropped power lines as it moved across the state.

Utility providers were working Monday morning to restore service to about 700 customers left without power. The largest outages were in Charleston, Florence and Spartanburg counties.

Several homes suffered damage near Batesburg-Leesville.

Transportation Department employees cleared some trees that feel on US Highway 378.

Spartanburg and Cherokee County residents also witnessed hail.

Already, one insurance agency is reporting more than 400 auto claims for hail damage and over 160 home and business claims. Many of the vehicles are being called a total loss.

Two people upstate were injured when lightning struck a power line. One woman was hospitalized while the other, a man next door, wasn't injured after being shocked while sitting at his computer.

Lightning is also being blamed for a Spartanburg County house fire.

A total of four tornados have been confirmed across the state by the National Weather Service.

Click here to watch raw video of devestation left by the twister in Lexington County.

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