Traffic on busy Lexington road creating a buzz in the community

Traffic traveling down a Midlands road is creating quite a buzz in the community.

LEXINGTON, SC (WACH) - Traffic traveling down a Midlands road is creating quite a buzz in the community.

The traffic trouble is a growing concern for John Peachey. The Lexington man lives off of Corley Mill Road and says drivers race down the street all day long. With a new high school set to open in August, Peachey sees big problems arriving near his home.

"I'm just fearful that a teenager or a mother with children in her car, or a family is going to get seriously injured here," said Peachey.

Peachey says in the years he's lived near Corley Mill Road, he's seen an influx of traffic. He believes many drivers use the scenic street for a shortcut to the dam, or to avoid highway traffic heading to Harbison.

"Traffic through here is already moving at 45 miles per hour, and we're less than a quarter of a mile away from the intersection. And coming from the opposite direction, people are constantly trying to make the light," said Peachey.

Lexington County Councilman Bill Banning says loss of life in the area is a good possibility.

"It's a huge, huge traffic issue today, and it's only going to be worse after the school opens," said Banning.

Leaders expect nearly two thousand students will be attending the multi-million dollar high school in August. Currently, Corley Mill Road is considered a scenic road, which means adding additional lanes is off limits.

County and state leaders have been working with land owners near the intersection of Highway 378 to build a round-a-bout to better control the flow of traffic entering the two lane road. However, right now, owners are not budging.

"The only hope is to get the right of way and get that new road put in. Without that, there's not any hope," said Banning. "It's already disaster out there now."

Leaders plan to meet with the Department of Transportation Friday to discuss how they can address this issue and make the traffic safer on the scenic road.