Train vs. Truck in Prosperity

Photo Credit: Jonathan Oh

In Prosperity, folks are cleaning up after a rather eventful Thursday. It was an accident involving a train and a truck just off Main Street. It's the kind of commotion Prosperity doesn't see very often, and fortunately, things aren't as bad as they could have been. Broad Street is just off Main Street in Prosperity. The accident happened around Noon Thursday, knocking out power, leaving a trail of debris, and forcing officials to re-route traffic. Highway Patrol's Lance Corporal Scott Edgeworth says, "We had a log truck trying to cross over at the same time as a train was in that same location, and a collision occurred. As far as we know, only one driver, the truck driver, was transported, by medivac to Richland Memorial Hospital." Leon Barbershop sits next to the tracks. The two barbers inside heard the crash and knew immediately that it was big. Ronnie Brooks says, "I haven't heard a boom like that. There was a big boom, and then a few seconds later another big boom, and the fella was lying over there." Ronnie Brooks and Regina Palmer were working when suddenly - everything went dark. Regina Palmer remembers, "When I heard the boom, I kinda knew what was going on..." A Pepper & Salt Company Logger truck was trying to cross the tracks, and ended up becoming the front-end of a CSX train. Palmer didn't sit around for the lights to come back on... "All I wanted to do was help. I knew that someone got hit. I just hope he's alright. He was very lucky. He was very lucky.... He was really upset. He didn't know what happened. He wanted to make sure that all his limbs were attached. I told him all his limbs were there.... If you hear the train blowing, if you see the sirens flashing, if the arms are coming down, please do not try to beat that train 'cause today, this was a bad accident that could have been a tragedy." Ephesian Tanks of North Augusta was driving the truck. He's listed in good condition at Palmetto Health Richland. Highway Patrol has cited him with disregarding a railroad crossing.