Traveling the world for a faith purpose

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Eleven months, eleven countries.

This is the journey that Keyasha Johnson is getting ready to take in September.

â??My mother said to me that the window of opportunity gets smaller as you get older. So if there is something that you want to do, do it,â?? says Johnson.

This window of opportunity is coming to her through Adventures in Mission and their program called Worldrace.

The group prides itself on caring for orphans, preaching the gospel and digging clean water wells just to name a few.

â??I'm expecting to gain alot more awareness about my relationship to God and that of people in other communities around the world,â?? says Johnson.

Johnson emailed us pictures taken at the training site in Georgia.

Before the group departs for the trip they have to be mentally and physically prepared to handle challenges in different countries.

At training they had to learn about different cultures and their social norms.

â??Understanding that even if the food was not so appetizing, knowing thatâ??s the meal for the day thatâ??s what you eat,â?? says Johnson.

Johnson says she was given divine inspiration to take part in this program so she quit her job, sold her car and other belongings.

She says this trip is more than just about leaving the country itâ??s about spreading her faith and being an example for others.

â??I'm looking for personal growth. Iâ??m looking to affect one person positively and I hope this might become a tradition for my family, â?? says Johnson.

Keyasha is hosting a fundraiser for the mission trip Saturday July 28th.

Itâ??s taking place at the College Place Methodist Church located at 4801 Colonial Drive it starts at 3pm.

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