Treasurer returns Civil War documents to soldier's family

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis is sending some lost Civil War documents back to the family of an Ohio soldier who fought at Gettysburg.

The documents have been sitting in a vault in the Treasurer's office since 1987 when Col. Ira Cory's grandson died.

They include Cory's discharge papers, a unit roster and papers outlining battle plans.

The Treasurer's office has millions of dollars in unclaimed property including old bank accounts and stocks.

"Thirteen hundred South Carolinians were reunited with uncashed payroll checks, insurance policies, uncashed stocks and bonds, all sorts of things," Loftis explains.

Before returning the Civil War papers, Sens. John Courson and Glenn McConnell will take a look at them. Both lawmakers are Civil War buffs.

If you're interested in learning more about these and other documents, visit the Treasurer's website.