Trick-Or-Treat times in the Midlands

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- There has been some confusion when it comes to trick-or-treating times in the Midlands this year.

      Halloween falls on a Sunday so some municipalities have chosen to observe festivities on Saturday. Other cities have said it's up to the parents, while some officials say they're sticking with tradition and will host trick-or-treating on Sunday.

      Here's a list of trick-or-treat times from officials we've heard from:

      Location Date and Time Columbia Left up to parents Lexington County Recommending Saturday Irmo No suggestion West Columbia Saturday Newbery Left up to parents Sumter Sunday Camden Saturday

      If you don't see your city listed above, leave a comment below or send an email and we'll add it to this page.

      Whenever you go out, send us your pictures and video of costumes, decorations and other festivities to