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      Tropical Storm Isaac idles RNC

      Republicans announce a leaner convention schedule to begin Tuesday -- after canceling all events Monday except for a symbolic, 10-minute opening because of Tropical Storm Isaac.

      TAMPA, FL (WACH) - Tropical Storm Isaac has forced planners to delay the start of the Republican National Convention.

      Already, the storm has brought wind and rain to parts of Florida and caused Republicans to push back and abbreviate plans Monday for their national convention in Tampa.

      According to WACH Fox's Darryl Hood, Tampa residents seem to be heeding the weather warnings and traffic was less hectic than expected near Kennedy Boulevard Monday morning.

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      Tropical Storm Isaac will continue to affect Florida; winds are expected to pick up as the system progresses, increasing to about 70 mph by the afternoon.

      Darry Hood will report live from Tampa for the duration of the convention. Look for his updates here at midlandsconnect.com as well as on Good Day Columbia and WACH Fox News at Ten.

      Fraendy Clervaud and Katie McKee will give live reports from the Democratic National Convention September 3rd through the 7th.