TropicsWACH: Tropical Storm Dorian churns in the Atlantic

The current forecast track has the storm moving north of Puerto Rico.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Tropical Storm Dorian has strengthened slightly in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean today.

Forecasters at The National Hurricane Center say Dorian has estimated maximum sustained winds at 60 mph as of Thursday morning.

The minimum central pressure has dropped to 999 mb (millibars). The lower the pressure, the stronger the storm.

The storm is currently moving WNW at 17 mph and is expected to continue that track over the next three to five days as it travels just north of the Lesser Antilles island chain.

Tropical Storm Dorian is forecasted to remain a tropical storm for the next five days with a 24-hour period of weakening and then slight strenghtening. Forecasters now say Dorian could have winds of 70 mph by Monday morning. In order to become a hurricane winds must reach at least 74 mph.

A ridge of high pressure in the central Atlantic Ocean will be stearing Dorian north of Puerto Rico. After that, we will have to see if an east coast trough blocks the storm from impacting the United States in the first part of August.

As usual, it is all about timing. We will continue to monitor Tropical Storm Dorian over the coming days.

Stay with the SkyWACH Weather Team for updates.