Two adults charged in death of family member

LEXINGTON (WACH) -- Two West Columbia adults are in jail tonight, charged with abusing or neglecting a vulnerable adult who later died as a result of that abuse.

Lexington County Sheriff James Metts said detectives arrested Robert Edward Tidwell, 61, and Tidwell TMs daughter, Roberta Marie Young, 33, both of 712 China Street, West Columbia in connection with the death of 60-year old Harriet Ruth Tidwell, who was Robert Tidwell's wife and Roberta Young's mother.

Tidwell and Young were being held on Wednesday at the Lexington County Detention Center while awaiting bond hearings.

According to arrest warrants on December 1 Harriett Ruth Tidwell was taken by ambulance to Palmetto Health Richland Hospital. Medical personnel at the hospital determined that Tidwell weighed about 48 pounds, had numerous bed sores that were infested with maggots and was so emaciated that her spinal cord and ribs were visible.

Warrants go on to say that Tidwell died at the hospital the next day as a result of abuse and neglect while she was in the care of her husband and daughter.

According to Metts, Harriett Tidwell was bed-ridden after both of her legs were amputated about 14 years ago because of medical complications related to diabetes.

Detectives found plenty of medical and food supplies at Harriett Tidwell TMs home that could have been used to properly care for her, Metts said. The level of care that Harriett Tidwell received at her home from her husband and daughter remains under investigation.

Sheriff Metts says if found guilty, Tidwell and Young face a maximum punishment of 30 years in prison.