Two arrested after high speed pursuit in Kershaw County

Markeem Lamonte Hammond (Kershaw County Sheriff's Office) (L) / Kenneth Roger Robinson, Jr. (Kershaw County Sheriff's Office) (R)

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WACH) – Two Columbia men are behind bars after a high speed chase with a stolen car that ended in a collision, according to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Camden Police Department officers arrested 17-year-old Markeem Lamonte Hammond and Kenneth Roger Robinson, Jr. in connection with the high speed pursuit.

The chase involved Kershaw and Lee County deputies and happened on Sunday, Sept. 3. The collision happened at the intersection of brad and Dekalb streets in Camden.

“Great restraint by KCSO traffic officers following a very dangerous pursuit along with excellent cooperation between law enforcement agencies resulted in these arrests,” Matthews said. “The driver of this stolen vehicle showed absolutely no regard to the general public during this chase and endangered many lives.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, a traffic officer observed a silver Acura with a Kentucky license plate come from behind at a high rate of speed on Interstate 20 around 5:40 p.m.

The release says the deputy determined the car was going 95 mph and was stolen. The Acura drove by the unmarked deputy vehicle, at which time the deputy turned on his blue lights and siren.

The driver then sped up to over 130 mph as it entered Lee County while he cut in and out of traffic, running several vehicles off the road.

The pursuit continued to Exit 108 where the driver exited. Due to the erratic and dangerous driving by the driver, the deputy stopped the pursuit and returned to Kershaw County.

A short time late, Lee County deputies located the vehicle and began a chase as it returned in the direction of Kershaw County on I-20. Three KCSO traffic deputies were then in position to deploy spike strips near Exit 101 on I-20.

The Acura lost control and ran off the road and into the grass, narrowly avoiding an area of trees. The driver of the stolen car the regained control and headed in the direction of Highway 34 and then toward the Camden city limits.

A second pursuing KCSO deputy clocked the Acura going 140 mph, but terminated their pursuit when the vehicle headed back into Camden. The Camden Police Department was then notified.

The department began to put down deploy spike strips, but the Acura collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Brad and Dekalb Streets in Camden. The driver was sent to the hospital with minor injuries, however.

Camden Police Officers in the vicinity observed three black males run from the Acura immediately following the collision. One suspect was found hiding behind a residence on the 900 block of Market Street and arrested. A second suspect was then found and arrested on the 700 block of Market Street.

Following a search of the Acura, KCSO deputies discovered numerous rounds of ammunition as well as several cell phones and bottles of liquor. Both men were transported to the Kershaw County Detention Center and are awaiting a bond hearing on charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

After being advised of his rights, Robinson advised the KCSO officers of the identity of the driver of the stolen Acura. Additional information is being sought to confirm this and another arrest is pending on that driver.

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