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      Two men shot and killed in Richland County

      Friends, family, neighbors and deputies responded the the deadly shooting at a house on Woodfield Drive.

      Columbia (WACH) -- In Richland County two people are dead and the pistol-packing shooter is still on the loose. The shooting happening Friday evening around 7:20 pm. Now neighbors and law officers are looking for answers and the suspect.

      "Last night about nine o'clock, there were almost 100 people in here," said Adam Soto.

      Friends, family, neighbors and deputies responded the the deadly shooting at a house on Woodfield Drive. Shortly before the shooting, Adam Soto remembers running into one of the victims.

      "I just talked with him at the gas station on Percival Road and I told him to go home," said Soto. "And he said 'yeah, but I got another guy in my house drinking.'"

      Nearly an hour after their encounter, the party scene became a crime scene.

      "We understand that it was some type of an acquaintance, we believe it may be only one suspect at this time," said Richland County Spokesperson Monique Mack.

      Mack says the investigation into the fatal shooting amongst friends, is ongoing.

      "Woodfield Parks was one of those areas--were a few years ago--we went in helped the community really clean it up," said Mack. "And they've been consistently low in crime for several years now."

      Mack is hoping a concerned citizen will help crack the case, and ultimately help heal a community.

      "We want to eliminate crime out of every neighborhood, and we want to reduce it at all costs," said Mack. "So any time, any of our neighborhoods, suffers any type of tragic crime--of course one of this caliber it is disheartening."

      "We know that guy for at least 20 years, and they are pretty good people," said Soto. "They don't bother no body."

      Richland County Coroner Gary Watts has identified one of the victims. He is Pablo Guzman-Gutierrez.

      As for the suspect, investigators say the gunman was seen driving away in a two-tone van. It's described as tan in color on top. and green on the bottom.

      Anyone with information can call CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-888-CRIME-SC.