Two Midlands seniors find the meaning of true love

RIDGEWAY (WACH) -- An elderly couple proved on Tuesday that love has no age.

Dressed in a full gown, 75-year-old Doscia Brown made her way down a makeshift aisle in the dining room at the Fairfield Healthcare Center.

Her groom, 74-year-old John Inman waited patiently.

He is just a precious man and I love him, Brown says.

Brown declared her feelings for Inman in a simple afternoon ceremony, which had all the traditions of a wedding of young couples.

She had been talking about it for awhile and she was ready, according to Brown TMs sister Rachel Crouch.

Brown and Inman met in 2007 after moving into the Fairfield Healthcare Center.

He waits on me hand-and-foot and I wait on him, Brown adds.

It is really inspirational to those who haven't found their true love, says nursing assistant Latisha Boyd.

From reciting their vows to toasting their future, Brown and Inman re proving life doesn TMt stop when you come to live at a retirement home, because for this twosome, their lives are only beginning.