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      Two years later: Where is Amir Jennings?

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- Investigators have followed lead after lead, even once searching an eight mile area in Northeast Columbia, and still no sign of Amir Jennings. The toddler was 18-months old when he was reported missing the week of Thanksgiving in 2011.

      Sgt. Arthur Thomas with the Columbia Police Department's Special Victim's Unit says they're presently looking at phone records to make contact with friends of Amir's mom, Zinah Jennings, who is a suspect in the child's disapperance, hoping that someone will recall any statements she made, which could be vital to the case now that more information has been made public.

      "It's just one of the things where we have to work diligently on it, until we get that one thing," said Sgt. Arthur Thomas.

      Thomas adds that the toddler's mother is the key to this investigation.

      "She has the key to the whereabouts of Amir Jennings, rather he's in healthy condition or any other condition," said Thomas.

      Investigators interviewed Zinah four times, and say each statement she gave them was different than the one before.

      Sgt. Thomas believes that was her way of throwing the investigation off track. Because of the inconsistencies in Zinah's story, she was eventually found guilty of unlawful conduct toward a child for failing to tell authorities where her missing son is.

      She's serving 10 years.

      To date, both sides of Amir's family have cooperated with investigators in locating him.

      â??Weâ??re going to push forward, weâ??re going to turn every stone,â?? said Thomas.

      Hopeful that leads will start to pick back up, Thomas says he will not give up until Amir is found.