Tylerâ??s Travels: Ghost Busting in Charleston



, South Carolina. By day, the view of the harbor, historical buildings, and of course shopping bring out people from around the world. But, when night falls in this historical city, it just may bring out people from another world.

According to

Rebel Sinclair

, co-owner of

Back Cat Tours

in Charleston, a haunting is simply defined as something "that is perpetual, to which there is no end or resolution.â??

Charleston is thought to be one of the most haunted cities in world. Perhaps itâ??s the long history, perhaps itâ??s the peninsula, as itâ??s believed that spirits canâ??t cross water, or, and for naysayers, Sinclair offers a more scientific explanation.

â??Science today calls it zero point

quantum physics

, theologians call it God, but it is the form of energy in which everything comes and everything goes,â?? she says.

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Whether you are a believer or not, a trip through some of the back streets of Charleston will have an impact on you. One favorite places for Rebel, who owns Black Cat Tours with her husband

Mark Jones

, is Philadelphia Alley, which is also known as â??

Duelers Alley


Until the 1800's, a duel was a perfectly gentlemanly way to settle a dispute, and there were at least thirty-six disagreements that were ended, permanently. In fact, even after the law changed, the alley remained a favorite of those who felt â??talking it outâ?? simply wouldnâ??t suffice.

Another spot on the tour is the

Dock Street Theater

, which saw the demise of Nettie Dickerson, who is said not to have died not from the bolt of lightning that stuck her on the balcony, but of lost love and a broken heart.

As you the tour continues, Rebel, and her husband Mark Jones point out historical references, stories, and landmarks. The story of General Leeâ??s horse, Traveler, where the real â??Market Streetâ?? saw the human trade, the significance of Charlestonâ??s location on the thirty-third parallel, and of course, the history of

Saint Michaelsâ??

Churchâ??s caretaker, Gus Smythe.

Mark and Rebelâ??s tours are not â??ghost toursâ?? in that they do not promise you will ever see a ghost, although Rebel does claim to have a sighting six to seven times each year while giving tours to others who are hoping to have a supernatural experience. There are many pieces of evidence that can be seen in the structures, art, and carved in the streets that even the most stubborn non-believers take a beat and wonder.

There is one place in Charleston, according to Rebel, where IF it is haunted is not the question, the question of WHO the spirit doing the haunting happens to be is the debate. According to some, it is the spirit of another young woman, who died of a broken heart, and is often seen walking in the graveyard of the Unitarian Church on Archdale Street. This womanâ??s name was Ann, and could very well have been the inspiration for Edgar Allan Poeâ??s famous work

Annabelle Lee


People who take the tour often report feeling â??something,â?? although they cannot really put a finger on it, which is â??the energy that is Charleston,â?? according to Rebel, â??a lot of turbulence, flood, fire, warâ?¦nothing ever dies until itâ??s forgotten.â??

Whether you are a believer in the afterlife, or just someone who appreciates the history that makes up Charleston, spending 90 minutes on a tour, late in the evening, should be on your list of travels.

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