Tyler's Travels: Turkey Hunting - the safe way

After learning safety and gear, Tyler Ryan sqeezes off a shell

RIDGEWAY (WACH)â??Tylerâ??s Travels: Talking Turkey

The team rolled out to a hunting club in Ridgeway to learn about turkey hunting, firearm safety, and getting geared up for the season which opens over the next couple weeks. You can find the specific information about dates and areas HERE.

Eric Johnston from Palmetto State Armory shared various calls, conveniences like a vest with a built in seat, blinds, and of course shotguns where are approved for turkey hunting season.

Sgt. Rhrett Bickley from South Carolina Department of Natural Resources explained several nuances of South Carolina hunting laws, including the three items that are needed, including a hunting license, big game permit, and tags. Sgt. Bickley also said that although there is no minimum age, and hunters of any age need to have tags.

The Sergeant also pointed out that there are free hunter education and safety classes offered by DNR, including classroom, Internet, and DVD options. You can get more information about the classes HERE.

After gearing up, learning about the laws, and of course safety, it was time to send of hot lead down range at a turkey target. One shell loaded, safety off, and BANG. Although, slightly to the left, not a bad showing overall.

Thanks to my friends at Palmetto State Armory, and of course, DNR, it was a safe, education, fun afternoon in Ridgeway.

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