University of South Carolina kicks off Black History Month activities

This year's theme: Black History Redefined.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The University of South Carolina kicked off its Black History Month activities Friday with an on-campus observance.

This year's theme: Black History Redefined.

The event focused on the accomplishments of black people throughout past decades.

Student poetry about black empowerment was featured as well as Chris Leevy Johnson, the chaplain of the USC Men's Basketball team, who talked about how far black people have come in the nation's history.

"When the Constitution was written, [African-American's] were not humans. They were legally three-fifths of a person. The law suggested that they were not a full person. Now the president of the United States, who signs those laws, is an African-American," said Johnson.

University president Harris Pastides also spoke, pointing out that USC is one of the most diverse universities in the region, which is something he believes is helping to fulfill Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream for America.