Up close and personal with The Beatles and The Supremes

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- It TMs been four years in the making and finally "Who Shot Rock-n-Roll" kicks off.

Gail Buckland is the curator of the exhibit.

"This exhibition explores how the image of Rock-n-Roll evolved from the earliest pictures of Elvis from his first album cover, says Buckland.

Music lovers from all backgrounds can now get up close and personal with The Supremes, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and many more.

"This is almost the anti paparazzi show. None of these photographers stole pictures, none of them pushed lens into somebody's face or up someone TMs skirt, says Buckland.

These pictures taken by a variety of photographers date back to the early 50's.

"I probably visited every photographer every living photographer that I could. I went through their archives," says Buckland.

Visitors like Linda Cooper say walking through the museum is like reliving the past.

"I'm reading a little of each of them what they're saying about them, I enjoy it," says Cooper.

The traveling exhibit has been in Brooklyn, Massachusetts, Memphis and now here.

Organizers say these photos help us to understand that the Rock-n-Roll era was about more than just music.

"The clothing, the hairstyles, the body language.

The viewing goes on until May 22, than the exhibit will travel to Birmingham, Alabama and Tucson, Arizona.