Up for debate, off-shore drilling

Those against off-shore drilling say it could destroy some wildlife.

Can off-shore drilling be an energy and economic jackpot, or is it potentially an environmental mess? Several people weigh in on the topic.

"I think that on a limited scope it's a good thing," said Karen Bird. "I think we can't be totally dependent upon foreign oil."

"I don't know do litttle tests and stuff like that to make sure it doesn't hurt the environment," said Everett Tuten.

"It needs to be offshore far enough to try and keep it as environmentally protected as you can," said Mark Bird. "But anything that gets more people employed, I'm for."

"If we can have more jobs and take care of the animals and take care of the people here in the United States I'm all for it," said Cathy Tuten.

"In America we use about 20 percent of the oil," said Lloyd Dailey. "So I think the only thing we're going to have to do is alternative fuels, but it'll create more jobs."