Update: Officer-involved shooting

The investigation continues tonight into a deadly officer-involved shooting in Richland county last night.

Sheriff Leon Lott discussed the details of the case this afternoon in a press conference.

Lott says the shooting resulted from a traffic stop that turned into a chase just off Decker Boulevard around 10:30 last night.

Lott say Deputy John Parker pulled the car over after noticing the driver acting suspicious.

Deputy Parker ran the tag number, but it didn't belong to the car.

At that point, Parker put on his blue lights and stopped the car.

Lott says the suspect pulled over, gave Parker his driver's license, then took off.

"Why he ran, we have no idea. He was carrying a small container about this size that had some marijuana in it. I don't know if that is what generated him running, we just don't know at this point." says Lott.

Sheriff Lott says as the deputy chased the suspect, the suspect started firing.

The officer shot back, killing the suspect.

We're still waiting for the coroner to id the suspect.

Meantime, SLED is continuing to investigate the incident, which is customary in officer-involved shootings.

It's the third officer involved shooting for the Richland County Sheriff's Department in the last nine months.