USC fraternity rush week freeze still in place

The University of South Carolina has scheduled a campus-wide discussion on the behavior that led to a freeze on fraternities' ability to recruit new members. / Fraendy Clervaud

COLUMBIA (WACH) --Some USC students and fraternity members addressing the school's Greek Council Monday at a forum aimed at finding ways to improve the rush process.

The meeting coming on the heels of a rush week freeze.

According to university officials seven fraternities face sanctions because of alleged alcohol violations.

Officials say last week six drinking-related incidents left four students needing medical attention, including one who was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

The fraternities are: Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Nu, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha.

Nobody has been punished right now and those chapters that have sanctions against them are going through the student judicial process, says Keith Ellis, Associate Director for Greek Life.

Hundreds packing the Russell House theater hoping to learn if the freeze on rush week would be lifted.

It might be tonight, tomorrow, hopefully it TMs this week it could be later it all depends, says Jerry Brewer, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.

Tensions high as some fraternity members questioned the freeze council members standing their ground.

At this point after two days what have you lost? You've lost two days. There is plenty of time to get through your pledging process this semester I promise you. It TMs an 8 week process, says Ellis.

Council members and administrators hoping the forum would open dialogue and offer suggestions as to what can be done to make sure all rush related events are alcohol free.

We cannot as a community continue to promote hazing and activities that lead to the endangerment of our students. We have to come together as a community of care as people who want to see each of us succeed, says Ellis.

There will be a meeting Tuesday with national members of the named fraternities, alumni and school administrators to determine what needs to happen next.

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Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Jerry Brewer told reporters Friday that USC officials met with fraternity chapter presidents and outlined their concern about the issue and how to move forward.

"We have a leadership crisis with our male students. We have to work with that and hopefully we can come up with answers. I know that's one of the initiatives that our president is challenging us with and we are going to work hard at it," said Brewer.

Brewer said at this point no fraternities are being expelled and that they hope to have recruitment back online soon.

The freeze occurred just as fraternities were about to accept new members.

USC says there's no timetable in place yet for a resumption of rush activities.

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