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      USC student bodybuilders making "meathead" stereotype a myth

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - A few University of South Carolina students are proving they have the complete package: body and brains.

      Dr. Teresa Moore, former bodybuilding champion and faculty advisor of the USC Bodybuilding and Fitness club, joined Tyler Ryan on Good Day Columbia Friday morning along with Miss USC competitor and doctoral student Liana Webster and Mr. USC Competitor and graduate student Paul Wach.

      The USC Bodybuilding and Fitness Club is hosting the Mr. and Ms. USC Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships Saturday night. The club's mission is to promote the health and wellness of students at USC through weight training, a healthy diet, and cardiovascular exercise.

      Moore, Webster and Wach all agree that bodybuilding is more than lifting weights.

      Moore says there is a lot behind just picking the weights up and putting them down. There is planning, proper training and scheduling involved in bodybuilding and competitive fitness.

      "When you're getting into nutrition, which is part of my specialty, it's knowing how to feed the body, how to fuel the body to get results," said Moore. "We promote healthy eating and still trying to sculpt your body the way you want it, and that's difficult. It takes time."

      The Miss USC competitors will participate in a figure competition while Mr. USC competitors will showcase their bodybuilding skills. Professional judges will assess each of the competitors performance. The top three in each class will receive trophies.

      The event will take place at the Blatt Physical Education Center on Wheat Street in Columbia at 6 p.m Saturday.

      Tickets are $5 and will be sold at the door.