USC student could face jail time for false kidnapping claim

It's on the corner of Pickens and Blossom Street at a very busy intersection on the USC campus where 18 year old Rachel Mosser claimed that Tuesday afternoon someone tried to kidnap her in broad daylight. But come to find out, the surveillance cameras in the area tell a very different story.

"But we had to tell her the truth. We had to give her the reality of we know that you're lying, we have surveillance video at the time, the location of this incident and what you're alleging and we know that it's not the truth." says Jennifer Timmons from the Columbia Police Department.

And even though it did ultimately come out that Mosser was not telling the truth, there is no denying that the text alert sent out to an estimated 70,000 USC students, parents, and alumni made people more aware of the crimes that could potentially happen on campus.

"I mean, this isn' is downtown Columbia, so you never feel completely safe. So it just, I don't know, it's a city, so it just sort of makes it seem more real." says one USC student.

Another thing that is very real are Mosser's charges and potential punishment.

"Because she lied about a felony, in the code of laws in the state of South Carolina, she faces a felony charge of's actually called false swearing and lying to police. So, filing a false police report." Timmons states.

A charge that could land Mosser behind bars for up to five years, or she could also be fined $1,000.

So why in the world would she lie about this?

That question has still not been answered, and people are left to simply speculate.

"I'm confused as to why she would make that up. There was a rumor that she was trying to miss a test, but that doesn't seem worth it to me." concludes the USC student.