USC students plan free wedding

Sarah Fort and Daniel Flores met when they were freshman at USC.

Sarah Fort and Daniel Flores first met when they were freshman at USC and never thought they'd get married on the university's campus five years later.

"I just feel so lucky. Every little detail and things you don't even think of start to add up and for all that to be taken off our shoulders has been an answered prayer," said Sarah Fort-Flores.

The excitement began when Sarah and Daniel registered with USC's wedding planning class.

The course has been around for years, but never actually put on a real wedding.

The couple was one of 14 pairs to register. They had to write an essay about how they met and why they should be the couple to get a free wedding planned by the class.

USC Junior Michelle Moshinskie says picking Sarah and Daniel was easy.

"Daniel and Sarah were near the end of the pile and once we read theirs it was almost unanimous and it was just perfect," said Moshinskie.

The couple was married at Rutledge Chapel on USC's horseshoe. The cake, the dress, the ceremony and reception sites... all were provided from the winning couple. And, the list goes on.

Daniel Flores and his wife could not afford such a big wedding shortly after graduating from USC.

"I needed to save for six months," said Flores.

Now, the newlyweds will use the money they would have spent on their big day to buy a new home.