Using your tax refund to secure your financial future has some tips to remember before spending all of your money.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The tax deadline is upon us and while many are scrambling to get their taxes done, some have already received or have plans for their tax refund.


has some tips to remember before spending all of your money:

- Build up your emergency fund

- Lighten your debt load

- Invest in your career by spending your money on classes, conferences or course that'll teach you some new skills.

- Add to your retirement fund, and buy life insurance

According to, 54 percent of tax payers plan to get a refund and a small portion of people plan to spend it on vacations or other items.

In fact, says more than 80 percent of people will use their money for paying down debt, investing and saving for everyday necessities.

Most of the people we spoke to in the Capital City are singing the same tune.

"I invested it in stocks also put some to the side for housing. I'm investing in a house right now," said Darien William's

"Hoping to maybe save it, but if not, maybe a new camera or two," said Emma Hicks

"I learned from my mistakes last year because after I blew my tax money on another tv then I had an issue with my car, so I learned," said Sharita Allen. says tax refunds have been spiking since 2009 and that refund check is a great way to secure your financial future.