Video shows reported assault at Sumter Co. middle school

One person can be heard on the video saying "punch him."

SUMTER, SC (WACH, AP) - The Sumter community is outraged after a video of a what appears to be a teenage boy being bullied in a middle school bathroom surfaced on the internet this weekend.

Sumter School District 2 confirmed the incident Monday morning. The attack occurred after school hours Thursday in one of the boys bathrooms at Hillcrest Middle School in Sumter.

Restrooms will now be locked after school hours, and the school will increase staff presence around the restrooms.

The video, titled "Drop Dude," was removed from YouTube, but a woman claiming to be the mother of the victim posted the video to her personal Facebook page.

She posted the following statement with the video.

"[My son] is 13 years old in the 8th grade. He has Myotonic Dystrophy (weakening and deterioration of the muscles), a steel bar under his sternum (chest wall) and 2 screws in his right foot...These boys planned this and as you can see went as far as to record it on one of their android phones. They even stated that my son agreed to be involved when they were confronted. He was taken advantage of due to his condition."

The video shows a boy stuggling against the wall as he is thrown around the bathroom by what appears to be another boy. He is taken into a choke hold and eventually thrown to the floor.

"I thought my knee had been fractured," the boy told WACH-Fox Monday night.

At least two other individuals appear to be in the bathroom. One person can be heard on the video saying "punch him."

Sheriff Anthony Dennis says the video is real. He says there is more to the video than what has been posted to YouTube and his officers are questioning all the students involved. He hopes to decide whether to file charges later Monday.

The sheriff's office says, "after reviewing the entire video of this incident and interviewing eye witnesses that were at the scene of this incident it was determined that no criminal activity had occurred, and this case is hereby referred back to the school district for any action deemed necessary bydo them according to school policy."

The school district says the students will be disciplined.

"We are working very closely with law enforcement at this moment to resolve this incident, and all students who are directly involved will receive discliplinary action," said a school district spokesperson.

The mother of the boy held an anti-bullying protest with two dozen people in front of the Sumter County court house Monday evening.

Several concerned individuals have posted about the incident on the WACH Fox Facebook wall and we welcome you to do the same.

(The Associate Press contributed to this report.)