VIP access to medical care

VIP access to medical care.

Columbia (WACH) -- Visits to the doctor's office can often cost lots of time and money.

A newer non-traditional way of healthcare is giving patients more one on one time with the doctor and cuts down on long term costs.

Doug McMillan is a patient that was a perfect specimen of health on paper, it wasn't until he met Dr. Frank Martin that he learned differently.

"The first sign of a heart attack is death. So I was literally walking around with two major arteries 90% blocked and had no clue that I had a problem. No clue, said McMillan.

But Dr. Martin did have a clue he's a part of a group of physicians called MDVIP.

The program offers comprehensive care and annual wellness exams that extend beyond the average physical.

Through MDVIP Dr. Martin uncovered risk factors that in Doug's case were life saving.

"I don't think Iâ??d be alive, really," said McMillan.

The boutique style of healthcare gives patients unlimited access to their doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The patient to doctor ratio is significantly smaller than a traditional medical practice allowing more time with patients in the exam room and less time in the waiting room.

Dr. Martin said that the MDVIP concept of healthcare has allowed him to re-establish patient relationships and get back to what he loves doing.

"I've definitely saved more lives than I would in traditional family medicine because I've had the time. A patient calls in and they've got a cold well they'll come see me that day. They don't wait 2 weeks until they have pneumonia," said Dr. Martin.

In Columbia the program requires a yearly retainer fee of about $1500 an amount MDVIP CEO Dan Hecht admits is a small price to pay for quality healthcare.

If health is a priority then this is very much within your reach and a great value as we mentioned more than 92% of patients renew each day and that says the value of this program.

Not only does the program create more one on one time for patients it gives physicians time to stay current in the cutting edge world of medicine while learning better ways to treat their patients.

"Everything is about prevention now the problem is most physicians don't have time to do prevention. Most primary care doctors want to do prevention but they just don't have the time, MDVIP allows me to do that," said Dr. Martin.

Preventing a businessman from having a heart attack is something Doug McMillan will never forget.

"The piece of mind knowing that there's a competent professional medical person that knows who you are and knows what your issues are and can have access to unbelievable resources to help you is very comforting," said McMillan.