Visitors learn about Arbor Day at Harbison State Forest

Boy scouts planted long leaf pine seedlings at Harbison State Forest Saturday.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Boy scouts were just a few of the people going to Harbison State Forest Saturday to plant trees.

The State Forestry Commission provided seedlings for visitors to plant.

Tree planting was one of many activities taking place at the forest in celebration of Arbor Day.

The day also included hiking and presentations on fighting forest fires.

Arbor Day in South Carolina is the first Friday in December.

"Since this is the time to plant trees and we've got a portion of Harbison State Forest here that was burned under prescribed fire not too long ago, it's ready for reforestation," said Scott Hawkins with the S.C. State Forestry Commission. "It's kind of exciting to do that with the help of these little hands carrying these big diddies to get those seedlings in the ground."

The Forestry Commission chose native long leaf pine seedlings as the tree for planting, as there is a movement for long leaf pine restoration in South Carolina.