Volunteers drink up; law enforcement trains

26 year old Alan Barker is helping local law enforcement crack down on driving under the influence by enjoying a few drinks.

The exercise is part of a training session involving 10 different law enforcement agencies.

Six volunteers were chose to drink several alcoholic beverages, each one reaching different levels of drunkenness.

"They're learning standardarized field soberity tests, learning what kind of behaviors to look for and the effects of alcohol on the body in a recognizable way," said Chief Brian Buck.

Each volunteer was given a specific level to reach so officers could see the signs of someone over and under the legal limit.

Chris Biggerstaff was told to drink the most. He also recorded the higest alcohol level of .138, almost double the legal driving limit.

"I don't feel drunk, but I know that I've had some alcohol. I can feel it and I don't think I'd drive right now," said Biggerstaff.

Valuable lessons that may prevent the volunteers from ending up in the back of a patrol car or worse.