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      Voters say yes to the penny sales tax

      RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH) -- The ballot counting wrapped up Wednesday evening in Richland County with 53 percent of voters saying yes to the penny sales tax.

      Richland County Councilman Jim Manning who has been an avid supporter of the tax says, "People worked so hard to get a good bus system in Columbia, I'm just tickled pink."

      Local officials say the tax will generate more than a billion dollars over the next two decades, funding the improvement of major roadways,bike and walking greenway projects, and the region's struggling bus system.

      It took hours to find out results Wednesday after Election Day due to problems at the polls.

      "I think everybody was doing the best to do what they could,you know they're going to be doing investigations trying to figure out how we can fix whatever it was that was wrong, you know you can't comment on how you fix something until you look at that," said Manning.

      However, others believe the general election in Richland County and the results should be reconsidered.

      Michael Letts has filed a formal complaint regarding the election Tuesday.

      Although Letts has never supported the tax, he says he's more concerned with the election process.

      "How can you have a valid election that the people can have confidence in win or loose on the penny sales tax when the process itself has been flawed, the only way to fix that is to have a new election," said Letts.

      The penny sales tax will go into effect May 2013.