WACH FOX News gets results for Midlands woman

Mary Marks and Todd Kaminer discussing Marks' new heater. / Sara Jane Harris

On Tuesday WACH FOX News brought you the story of 82-year old Mary Marks who was left in the cold after SCE&G determined her heater was leaking potentially lethal levels of carbon monoxide into her home.After the story aired Todd Kaminer of Kaminer Heating & Air decided he wanted to help by repairing Marks' heater.I just can TMt believe this I just can TMt believe this you know, I TMm not used to nothing like this, said Marks.

The Leesville resident has been living without heat since Monday.

I think I was going to freeze.... I was so cold last night and this morning, said Marks.We wanted to come out and check the situation and see if there was a way we could help and it turned out that there is, said Kaminer.

Kaminer said Marks' heater has a crack in the heat exchanger causing carbon monoxide to leak into her home saying Marks is lucky to be alive.

"What we are going to do is we are going to get another heat exchanger, install it, fire it up, and make sure everything is running properly and get her some heat because it is going to be in the teens this weekend," said Kaminer. The repair would cost an estimated $2500 Kaminer is helping marks out free of charge. The job should be done by Thursday afternoon.Anytime we can help we are here to do it, said Kaminer.I TMm just thankful to you for what you all have done for me, said Marks.