WACH Fox phone bank for USO

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- An organization that works to give a little piece of home to our men and women in the military could use your help.

WACH FOX is teaming up with the USO for a phone bank Tuesday, to raise much needed funds for the organization.

The USO doesnâ??t receive government money so it needs your support to take care of our troops.

Here in the Midlands, soldiers flying in and out of Columbia Metropolitan Airport can enjoy the USO lounge. Inside they can find free drinks, snacks, games or just someone to talk to.

The telethon will go from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. Tuesday. You can watch our live reports and call 803-351-0337 to make a donation or you can give online.

Even if you canâ??t give cash, there are other ways to get involved.