WACH this: Volkswagen tricks movie goes with texting and driving PSA

Volkswagen texting and driving

COLUMBIA (KOKH/WACH)-- What's the best way to reach a young audience? According to Volkswagen, it's through a very unique and gripping Public Service Announcement during a movie.

In a video posted to YouTube, Volkswagen showed the PSA to a theater full of unsuspecting movie goers in Hong Kong. It opens with a camera from a first-person perspective. The driver starts the car, turns up the radio and heads down the road.

Using a location based broadcaster from inside the theater, the movie guests get a phone message at the exact same time. When they look at their phones, and away from the screen, they get the message.

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WACH what happens next. Also, here in SC, texting and driving has been banned. Find out more here.