Walk through time in Lexington

The Lexington County Museum, Lexington, SC

LEXINGTON, SC (WACH) â?? Spanning over seven acres, and including over 30 historic structures, the Lexington County Museum stands as a living page of Lexington County history, dating back to the 1700â??s.

Buildings, including the 10 room, two-story John Fox house tell the story of life in the pre-civil war days, utilizing artifacts that have been restored to recreate a glimpse of life 200 years ago.

Visitors to the museum, located on Fox Street in Lexington, can explore what is known as â??the oldest documented building in Lexington,â?? otherwise known as the Corley Cabin. Other attractions include the home where the traditional song â??Give Me That Old Time Religionâ?? was written, and other buildings that made up what was known as the â??Wild West.â??

Admission for the museum is $5.00 for adults, and $2.00 for children, and offers free tours for students. For more information, contact the museum director, J.R. Fennell at 803.359.8369. You can also check out information on the Lexington County