Walking for a cause

Some people chose to kick off their weekend by walking it out for a good cause.

The 8th annual Dr. James R. Clark Memorial Sickle Cell Walk was held on Saturday.

It was an opportunity to pay tribute to those currently living with the disease.

Mayor Steve Benjamin was even in attendance as part of his role as the Walk Ambassador.

Sickle cell disease affects specific members of the population and can be detected in a certain way.

"It is prevalent in the African American community. Sickle cell is found by genetic testing. And most people, when they develop it, you definitely know because it involves a lot of pain and suffering." says Kia Lewis, a mother advisor at the Mary B. Thomas Girls Youth Center.

All proceeds from the event went to the James R. Clark memorial scholarship fund.

It provides educational awards to high school and college students living with sickle cell disease.