Want to be a Columbia firefighter? Get ready to sweat!

If you want to be a Columbia firefighter, the application process is more than just an interview.Firefighter hopefuls came out this week to participate in the Columbia Fire Department's "agility testing". The Fire Department is currently looking to add 70 new firefighters to the team by next June. The testing is the second phase in the application process, after the written test. It is designed so the Fire Department can assess your real- world skills to see if you could be a successful firefighter.


The agility test gives us the data that we need to know that if that applicant can be successful physically with the demands of firefighting. Climbing roofs, checking rooms, pulling hose, rescuing victims, that type of thing." explains Jamie Helms, the Assistant Chief at the Columbia Fire Department.

The application process is currently closed at the fire department, but plans are to open it back up at the end of next June or July.