Warning Signs for Childhood Cancer?

Columbia (WACH) --Craig King was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was 17.

He had a few warning signs...But thought it was just part of being a kid.

"for me i guess i was just a normal 17 year old thought it was just a bump and just kept going" says King.

A new report from the American Cancer Society says more than 15,000 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer in 2014--and almost two thousand will die from the diease.

Several warning signs parents should keep an eye out for are extreme fatigue, prolonged fever, bruising and headaches.

King experienced fatigue.

"there was a lump that developed on my left knee. Right below my left knee also attached to my tibia. And I didn't know anything..."

Lexington's Kennedy Branham fought cancer for almost two years, before losing her battle with the disease last month.

After being diganosed Kennedy and her family started a campagin to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

8 year-old Richard Culliver's journey fighting brain cancer has touched people across the country.

The Lexington boy proving medical experts wrong, living longer than most with the same diease. And just this week he went back to school.

You just don't come back from that...Not with this. But he did. Says Richard's mom, stephanie.

Doctors say drastic changes in a child's health and activity level may be cause for concern.

They say it's best to make sure your child gets a thorough physical exam if you notice things changing

"we talk about early warning signs and we certainly want children to be diagnosed sooner rather than later so they can get under treatment sooner rather than later. But prognosis is more based on the biology of the disease rather than how quickly it's caught." says Dr. Ron Neuberg.

That experience was very tough but i had great family and friends to support me." says King.

Craig King is just hoping more people are aware of the signs... So doctors can catch cancer before it's too late.