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      WASTE WACH: Government spends billions on gas and leases for cars that don??t move

      <p> <font size="3"> <font face="Calibri">Government spends billions on gas and leases for cars that donâ??t move</font> </font> </p>

      WA SHINGTON (WACH) -- The federal government spends millions of dollars every year filling up the gas tanks of government cars.

      That much the General Services Administration knows. What the G-S-A can't do is reduce costs right now because many federal agencies have no clue as how much money they spend because they don't keep track.

      And it??s not just gas, there are maintenance costs and then there are car leases. WACH Fox??s investigative media partner, The Washington Times, says agencies spend more than one billion dollars a year on leases.

      "There's lots of examples of cars and trucks just sitting in parking lots not really doing anything. There's no reason for the government to be paying for them," said Phil Swarts with The Washington times.

      So what is the g-s-a going to do to reduce costs? Click here to find out.