Water advisory lifted, communication concerns arise

CAYCE (WACH) -- The city of Cayce has cancelled its boil water advisory.

City officials say it's no longer necessary for customers to boil their water.

We apologize for any bother Cayce residents and businesses experienced and so appreciate the swift cooperation, says Interim City Manager Steve Brown. We know that it TMs very inconvenient to have to boil water, but felt that safety trumped inconvenience.

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Thursday afternoon, officials placed the entire city under the warning after a water main rupture on Highway 321 near I-26.

But several restaurant managers told WACH Fox News they didn't know about the advisory until late Thursday night.

One Cayce owner says if a family member didn't tell him about the problem, he would have continued business as usual.

"We weren't really notified if she wouldn't have called me. I wouldn't have known until today when I got the letter saying the boil water advisory is cleared," explains Peter Koutrakos, Owner of the Hard Knox Grill.

"Unless we give them a call or something like that, there's no way for them to find out at this particular point," adds Cayce Director of Utilities Frank Robinson. "They may want to give us an email address so we can possibly email it out to them."

Robinson adds that the advisory was placed on the city of Cayce's website and emailed to people who were signed up to receive alerts. You can sign up by emailing your request to

Friday afternoon, city workers also hand delivered notices lifting the advisory.