Water war bubbling up in West Columbia

"I certainly feel for them it's not there fault, there caught in the middle", said West Columbia Mayor Joe Owens.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - A water war is bubbling up in West Columbia.

People who live in the Parkwood mobile home park say the water was shut down weeks ago, but they don't know why.

Faron Brown has been filling up with water at a local gas station for weeks because he cannot use water in his home.

"It ain't called living, it's called roughing it, we shouldn't have to be roughing it after paying our bills," said Faron Brown.

The shutdown isn't Brown's fault or his neighbors, they say they've been paying $210 a month to cover lot fees, water bills and sewer fees.

After paying their rent, that money never made it to the service providers.

"I pay my bills and work. I don't ask nobody for nothing. When we paid our rent, we paid for the water," adds Brown.

West Columbia Mayor Joe Owens says the managers who used to run the mobile home park stopped paying the bill.

Owens says they've racked up more than a $20,000 in overdue fees and officials had to pull the plug.

The city tried working with Parkwood for more than a year to solve the problem, but the payments stopped coming in September.

While the city wants to keep pumping out water to the residents, they can't without someone reliable to pay the bill.

"I certainly feel for them; it's not their fault. They're caught in the middle," said Owens.

Brown says the situation is "very depressing."

"I mean, we really don't want to be here, but this is our home, ya know," adds Brown.

Wach Fox has learned that the people that formerly ran the mobile home park are being foreclosed on.

The property now has a court appointed receiver who is working to get the water service restored.

However, West Columbia officials say no one is making an effort to pay the bill.

They are willing to work with any future owner who wants to solve the problem.