Wednesday's Forecast: Below Normal Temps & Possible Tropical Formation

Columbia (WACH) - We've got cooler and drier air in place once again for Wednesday. After hitting 101 at the Columbia Metro Airport on Monday, our temperatures have fallen below normal, and will remain that way for the rest of the week.


Wednesday looks a lot like Tuesday: cooler temperatures, drier air, clear skies. The normal temperature for this time of year is 93, but we are about 5 degrees cooler than that. Those below normal temperatures don't last just for today though, we stay in the 80's for the rest of the week! Be sure to check out that Wednesday forecast. Another wonderful aspect about this weather is the lower humidity we get today. Although those dew point temperatures are are on the rise this week, we've got another comfortable day in store.


As we approach the month of August, we also approach one of the more active months of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Right now, we are keeping an eye on Invest 93-L out in the Atlantic. The storm has a high chance, 70%, of becoming a tropical system within the next 48 hours. If the storm were to become named, it would take on the title of Bertha. The SkyWACH Weather Center will be keeping an eye on this system throughout the week.