Welcoming new members of Fort Jackson home

Brigadier General Bradley A. Becker

The Lexington Municipal Complex hosted a welcome breakfast Tuesday for Brigadier General Bradley A. Becker and Colonel Paul Chamberlain.

Both men are new additions to Fort Jackson, and the town of Lexington wanted to ensure both felt extremely welcome in their new home.

Becker is the 46th commanding general of the United States Army Training Center and Fort Jackson.

Chamberlain is the Commanding Officer for the U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute.

Becker and Chamberlain both attended the breakfast with their respective wives and both stood to comment on how welcoming the Midlands has been for them.

Both men have served in the United States and abroad during their time in the Army.

Lexington Mayor Randall Halfacre says Fort Jackson is a tremendous benefit to the entire country, as well as the state of South Carolina.

"We also recognize the economic impact the Fort has on our community-our Midlands community. It's estimated to be about 2.6 billion dollars that they contribute to the economic well being of our community and probably about 40 percent of our citizens in Lexington county actually work as civilians at the Fort." says Halfacre.