Wendy's Waiting Child: Derrick

Derrick, 16-years-old

COLUMBIA (WACH)-Derrick is an athletic teen.

"I like to play football and basketball," says Derrick.

He says he hopes to parlay it into a career, but if not he has a back up plan.

"If I don't go to college for play football, says Derrick, "I'll just [study] psycology and business and be a walk-on."

The 16-year-old sees himself as an entreprenuer and wants to someday, "own my own landscapping company," he says.

In the meantime, he's looking for a family that will show him love and support

"[I want a family who will] come to my football games and wrestling, stuff like that," says Derrick.

For more information on Derrick or adoption services, call the South Carolina Department of Social Services at 1-888-227-3487.