Wendy's Waiting Child: Jamane

COLUMBIA (WACH)-Jamane is a creative teen and enjoys several activities.

"I like to draw, I like to play games," said Jamane, " I want to be a videogame designer [when I grow up}."

The 15 year-old has quite the appetite, his favorites are, "pizza, hot dogs and spaghetti."

When it comes to school, Jamane has an interest in science, "everything's easy to me like when I'm in class and I'm doing like, I'll work on the computer with biology everybody's asks me for the answer and stuff cause its really easy."

Jamane says his ideal family includes, "nice people who listen to me because most people don't listen to me and whenever I have something to say."

For more information on Jamane or other children looking for a forever family, contact the

South Carolina Department

of Social Services 1-888-227-3487.