Wendy's Waiting Child: Jonathan

Jonathan is looking for a forever family.

Jonathan has several qualities he says makes him a great teen.

"I'm kind, respectful, honest and truthful," says Jonathan.

He also likes to have fun, "I like football and i like to play sports and I like to play videogames."

Aside from fun and games Jonathan is focused on his education, "All of my grades are about the same, all of them are 90 or above."

After high school, the teen has plans to go to college.

"So that way I can major in sociology or psychology and minor in visual graphics," says Jonathan.

Jonathan is looking for a forever family who will help him through his struggles.

"Even when I'm mad or happy, no matter what or how I'm feeling," says Jonathan "knowing that they're gonna be with me through the thick and thin."

For more information on Jonathan and adoption services, contact the South Carolina Department of Social Services at 1-888-227-3487.