Wendy's Waiting Child: Malunda

COLUMBIA (WACH)-Malunda is a free-sprited 17 year- old.

"I just to have fun," say Malunda.

She also likes to dress up with a little help

"I'm a girly girly and if I can't find anything I'll ask my sisters if they can help me."

As for school, two subjects peak Malunda's interest, "science and math."

Malunda says she's very helpful and responsible which is why when she grows up. "I want to own my own babysitting, daycare center."

She's also open and willing to listen to others.

"I'm a sweet and kind person and you can talk to me about anything."

Malunda says she's looking for a forevery family who will, "treat me nice and love me."

For more information on Malunda or for more information on child adoption, call the

South Carolina Department of Social Services

at 1-888-227-3487.